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Build your future with the Plumbing Academy! Jobs in the plumbing and gasfitting trade are growing twice as fast as in other job sectors. Our online classes will prepare you to successfully pass Massachusetts licensing exams and enter the plumbing and gasfitting workforce. Master these skills from the convenience of your home. Use your brain, use your hands - we’ll teach you how to do it right the first time.

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  • Interested in the plumbing and gasfitting trade?
  • Apprentice and journeyman plumber / gasfitter
  • preparing for licensing examinations?
  • High school student considering a career?
  • Novice?
  • Building Professional?

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Learn about plumbing, gasfitting, codes, regulations, public safety and doing things right the first time.

The Plumbing Academy is certified to provide Commonwealth of Massachusetts plumbing and gasfitting Tier Classes and Continuing Education Sessions online. 



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Test your knowledge of plumbing codes, math, drawings, sizing and other subjects.

Identify strengths & weaknesses as you prepare for licensure in the plumbing and gasfitting workforce.